Quit Your Whining

October 31, 2005

Judging from some of the Dashboard activity, people are upset with losing posts due to a drive failure at WordPress.com HQ over the weekend.

Give me a break. Sure it sucks, but this is 1) free and 2) obviously in beta. You don’t put down anything you can’t afford to lose when screwing around with free and beta.

Welcome to technology. Now quit yer cryin’.


October 21, 2005

I’m leaving soon for a vacation with the family.  We’ve rented a cabin in Tennessee.  I have no idea what we’ll do, but I do know that one of my favorite places (Asheville, NC) is only 2 hours away.

So, fear not if there are no updates for the next week.  I shall return for sure. 

What’s the Point?

October 21, 2005

I’m embarrassed to say I actually downloaded the new Flock browser just for the free WordPress.com account.  I’m glad I did, however, since I probably wouldn’t have otherwise tried out Flock until later.  Definitely nifty.

The larger question is, “Why another blog?”  Free blogs have sort have become the new free email account–it seemed like I used to sign up for a million free email accounts for no good reason.  I know there’s probably a few I never even logged into once.

But that’s beside the point because I actually do have a good reason this time.  All the other blogs I’ve set up use a certain nickname that’s pretty unique and known by several people who know me.  In addition to those people, my blogs got a lot of other traffic–enough that I wasn’t real excited about talking about my real life much.  And that kind of sucks because that’s mostly what a blog is for.

So there’s a little freedom here to be me and not have some of the other things I’ve blogged about be connected to this one.  I like that idea.

My name is Andrew.  How do you do?