Well, my other blog has bitten the dust.

After 2 years, constant theme changes, and a few retirements, I decided it was time to go underground.

Amazingly, I had a core group of visitors that put up with my testiness and kept coming back.

I’ll miss most of them, but not the psycho stalker.

So, why am I doing this now?  I stopped blogging because I didn’t feel I did it often enough to pay for it and because I didn’t feel like I could say what I wanted.  Too many people on there knew who I was in real life.  And my hosting was only $5, but it was wasted the last few months.

I tried Vox for a bit, but I invited too many people to that who knew me and I didn’t really like it that much.  WP kicks ass, and frankly I had forgotten I even had this account.

I can’t say this will be updated very often and I don’t really care if anyone visits.  If something comes up that I *must* blog, now at least I have a place to do that.


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