Losing My Edge

There was a time when I was more than happy to share my life with complete strangers on the Internet.

I’m not sure when it changed, but it has. I mentioned a stalker in my last post–that’s always a good reason to stop doing something that attracts those people. I never did do IRC again after some crazy chick did a lookup on my IP address and somehow figured out what dorm and room I lived in my freshman year in college. This time it also involved a crazy chick. I’m not a chick magnet, but apparently if they’re crazy I’m golden.

Of course, once your married, that whole chick magnet aspect is not very appealing or funny.

And that’s where I am now. I’m not really sure what I should write about here. I have many interests and ideas you might want to hear, but I’m not that interested in feedback or sharing them. So why even have a blog?

I ask myself that question every time I get the urge to post. I don’t have a good answer for it.


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