Not Enough Time

A year or so ago I did something I had never done before. I turned off a movie my wife and I had rented after 15 minutes because it stunk and had limited possibility of redeeming itself. My wife and I now have established this as a regular practice. Should a movie enter the danger zone, one of us will say, “10 minute rule.” We give the movie 10 minutes to improve or we turn it off. Only rarely has a movie not been turn off after reaching this point. I have not regretted not finishing the other movies.

I used to finish any movie I rented because I had paid for it and didn’t want to waste my money. And I had this optimistic side of me that thought any movie could be good.

Now that I’m older, I’m less concerned with wasting money and more concerned with wasting time.

A few weeks ago, I employed the same tactic with a library book I was reading. I gave it 10 pages to improve and it actually got worse. So, I just stopped reading it. Since then I’ve done that with 2 other books. I’m not to the point that I’d do that with a book I’ve purchased (I’ll put one of those bad ones down for awhile, but I usually will go back and finish it at some point), but it’s real progress towards living well.

Life is too short for bad movies and books. And bad chocolate, but that’s another post.


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  1. Robert, ese #notAllWhoLikeWomen que comentas es incompatible con el argumento de Puck. Puck dice que un piropo es una agresiu00f3n, lo eche quien lo eche y lo reciba quien lo reciba.

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