Well, I’m certainly a work in progress and I’ve been through many big releases in my time. I tend not to remember the past in the context of those events very well, so journals and emails and now blog entries are about all I have to go on when I want to do some investigative navel-gazing.

Over time you will probably grow to hate me…and that’s okay. I would probably hate you too.

Oh, about the name. “Andy Panda” is a nickname my wife has for me. Not surprisingly, she was not the first person to call me that. However, she is my favorite person who calls me that.

And, of course, the blog title refers to The Real Peterman Tour from the Seinfeld episode where Kramer sells the rights to all his life experiences to J. Peterman for the purpose of spicing up Peterman’s autobiography.  It was one of those great, irony-rich episodes that sticks with you.

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